Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Custom T-Shirt Tutu Dress

I've been extra busy trying to keep up, hopefully I'll have some extra help soon :)

Today I was hoping to ship a bunch of stuff but the only thing that's ready to go is Nurse Netta's order. :)

Nurse Netta and I go way back to 7th grade. I think she may have been the first customer of my hair bow biz way back then! lol! I guess I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit burning inside... lol!

This coming Sat is Netta's little fashionista's birthday party! Her theme is all things fashion and shopping! Her cake is shaped like a cash register with a big credit card! I can't wait to see it! Netta asked if I could attach the tutu to the shirt. Her wish was my command, and gave way to my newest creation the tee-tutu dress!

It's a full tutu attached to a personalized tee! Netta asked if i could corset the sides of the shirt, which added some extra charm :) Giving credit where its due, Ms. Leah over at Bella Artistry is a master at the corseted sides and her designs are where I first saw this detail done.

my posh girl has hips so u cant quite see the full extension of the dress

I hang it on a hanger for a view fully extended.. This pic just doesn't do this little number justice! It'd be extra cute as a tank too!

Here is a sneak peek of a tank dress and matching flip flops that's perfect for summer and will go on sale soon :)

I have the cutest little onesie dresses that are made very similar to the tank dress...I'll post pics of later! They are absolutely darling!

Posh Girl


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