Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Beginnings

How do I start? Uhm today is my birthday!  I have not posted to this blog since writing a love letter to my mom years ago.  I woke up at 3:45am this morning thinking of her.  Told her she should come to NYC with me.  I heard her whisper that she was coming anyways, invited or not  :)

See we never miss them until their gone!  I miss her!  I miss Posh too!  I still make stuff here and there when I feel up to it.  I hadn't done Posh since she was sick.  Posh took too much of my time, took me away from life, living, loving.  Today I sat at my desk thinking, I'm 35, I have so much to offer... what am I doing? 

I'm being a mommie to Ace the greatest joy and assignment the Lord has ever given me.  Ace told me he loved me as he held my face before he fell asleep. "I love you mommie...." The sweet innocence.. The love.. The loss... it's all come full circle...

This is my talent.  This is what I do best. Making stuff, making people happy, if someone asked me.  Stay tuned.  She's BACK!

 Custom Ruffle Top Baby Gown

 Custom Burp Set

 Custom Swaddle Sacks

-Chandra @ Posh

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Momma,

Remember when you carried me home from the clinic on Caffin and Claiborne, I was too sick to walk. And that time you laughed at me for using a "bush" comb as a pretend hot curler in my hair, you told me to just keep swimming and you'd cut it out later.. lol. I was terrified but you made light of it, no big deal... it'll grow back. What about when you gave me the only party that I can remember.. I think I was turning 5! The whole family was there for me, your "Channy-Boo".

I know we hadn't always been the best of friends, but I know that you were so tough because you saw "ME"... in you, and wanted the stars and the moon for me, everything you dreamed for yourself but never had. Thanks for being so hard on me, thanks for all those times you said "HELL NO", thanks for making me believe that I could do anything. I'm so creative because of YOU! Guess what Mom? I did it! I became that woman that you dreamed I would, but I'm still your little girl. The same one who loved her two middle fingers and the love of her mother's embrace, carrying her!

With Love,

Hoping that we can share many more Mother's Days!

My MOM, Sandra Joseph
btw-we look just alike lol

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Lahryn's Bowtique!

Now offering bling converse, or boutique ribbon flip flops to match any Posh Tutu!

Shop Posh for the tutu set, flip flops, and bling converse. Email us to create your custom set info@PoshBabyCouture.com

This set is not listed on our site but can be created in a similar design. Contact us @ info@PoshBabyCouture.com to get started on your something Posh!

Shop For the Flip Flops Pictured here
Check out our denim tutu's here

Minnie Mouse Tutu Set in Pink

Perfect for birthday's or that special trip to Disney!

Order via our site

Contact us at info@ PoshBabyCouture.com for custom colors. Extra adorable
in red as well.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Candy Land Theme Tutu Set

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zebra Theme Denim Tutu/Tank Set

Bling Baby Shower Gift Set - Celebrity Picks

Wanna Wow! Em at the Baby Shower?

Got a preggers-BESTIE who is SUPER hard to shop for?

Want a gift that she can use now and become a family heirloom?

This is it!

Our keepsake Bling Baby Brush was special enough to be included in celebrity swag bags at this year's Golden Globe awards. Paired with our chic Rosette clutch wipes case and a pair of personalized bling bloomers you'll have the perfect gift that any expectant mom is SURE to LOVE!

This set was gifted to Bethenny Frankel-of NY Housewives, Bethenny Getting Married?, and Bethenny Ever After

Splash Mag Article featuring our Posh Bling Baby Brush

Tweet from Jessica Rey
JessicaReyRey <http://twitter.com/#%21/JessicaReyRey>
Jessica Rey
@waytutucute <http://twitter.com/waytutucute> Got it! LOVE! assuming the cute brush is for my niece- tempted to keep it for myself! LOL was one of the lost items at BBRLA

Waytutucute.com was sweet enough to forward me this pic she got from Gilles Marini of he and his daughter holding her Posh Bling Baby Brush

Rhea Wahlberg (wife of Mark Wahlberg) pictured holding our Bling Brush (photo courtesy of waytutucute.com)

Two beautiful baby’s brushing their hair in style. (photo courtesy of waytutucute.com)

Esai Morales (24, NYPD Blue and the voice of Papi from Dora) and his wife picked holding the Posh Bling Brush they picked out for their little girl, Mariana at the Pre-Golden Globes event. (photo courtesy of waytutucute.com)

Spring/Summer (Personalized)

Any tutu-set from our Spring/Summer Line can be personalized for that extra
special touch of Posh! Add a pair of personalized bloomers to finish the

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Dora Birthday Tutu Set

Choose your birthday number and we'll do the rest!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Custom Abby Cadabby Tutu Set

Contact us for ordering info. info@PoshBabyCouture.com

Tinkerbell Tutu Set

Adorably Posh! Contact us for ordering info info@PoshBabyCouture.com


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