Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Momma,

Remember when you carried me home from the clinic on Caffin and Claiborne, I was too sick to walk. And that time you laughed at me for using a "bush" comb as a pretend hot curler in my hair, you told me to just keep swimming and you'd cut it out later.. lol. I was terrified but you made light of it, no big deal... it'll grow back. What about when you gave me the only party that I can remember.. I think I was turning 5! The whole family was there for me, your "Channy-Boo".

I know we hadn't always been the best of friends, but I know that you were so tough because you saw "ME"... in you, and wanted the stars and the moon for me, everything you dreamed for yourself but never had. Thanks for being so hard on me, thanks for all those times you said "HELL NO", thanks for making me believe that I could do anything. I'm so creative because of YOU! Guess what Mom? I did it! I became that woman that you dreamed I would, but I'm still your little girl. The same one who loved her two middle fingers and the love of her mother's embrace, carrying her!

With Love,

Hoping that we can share many more Mother's Days!

My MOM, Sandra Joseph
btw-we look just alike lol


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