Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Beginnings

How do I start? Uhm today is my birthday!  I have not posted to this blog since writing a love letter to my mom years ago.  I woke up at 3:45am this morning thinking of her.  Told her she should come to NYC with me.  I heard her whisper that she was coming anyways, invited or not  :)

See we never miss them until their gone!  I miss her!  I miss Posh too!  I still make stuff here and there when I feel up to it.  I hadn't done Posh since she was sick.  Posh took too much of my time, took me away from life, living, loving.  Today I sat at my desk thinking, I'm 35, I have so much to offer... what am I doing? 

I'm being a mommie to Ace the greatest joy and assignment the Lord has ever given me.  Ace told me he loved me as he held my face before he fell asleep. "I love you mommie...." The sweet innocence.. The love.. The loss... it's all come full circle...

This is my talent.  This is what I do best. Making stuff, making people happy, if someone asked me.  Stay tuned.  She's BACK!

 Custom Ruffle Top Baby Gown

 Custom Burp Set

 Custom Swaddle Sacks

-Chandra @ Posh


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