Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whitney Photography

I created this dress for Whitney Photography. Check her out, she does amazing work I can't wait to see this dress modeled! I know the pic's are gonna be wayyy better than what I can do with my little Sony Yayy for Posh!

Are you ready for the Saints Parade this weekend?

I know two little girls that are ready to help celebrate the Saints in West Baton Rouge this coming weekend, Posh Baby Style! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stuff I got sent out today :)

One of my favorite people in the world ordered this tutu for her little princess! She's a Bronco's fan :) I decided to experiment on a tank to match. I am revamping my I heart football tee. I like the finished product, I'd just make the design bigger in the future :) Hope u like Mykel, I can't wait to see Bunches in this set! BTW the onesie is a small, but will fit her now until past 12months. I realized when making the birthday sets, that this tank-onesie is a better fit for 12months ;)

Another finished custom order! Yippe Yayy!!!!!! I love the pink and brown... a Posh Classic!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLYN PAIGE! Boy does time fly! I can't believe Kaity is 6yrs old! Hope you have a blast @ Chic-Fil-A!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few new pieces :)

Both of these beautiful tutu dresses are available now at My Favorite Things in Baton Rouge, and can be shipped via custom order. More to come this week :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready to ROCK N' ROLL!!!

Watch out Hannah Montanna!

Friday, February 12, 2010

First Ever Posh Give-a-way

Yayyyyy!!!! The much anticipated Posh Give-a-way is in full effect! This is the first time I've done this so bare with me folks. The winner will be pulled at random.

What I need from you is honest feedback. You won't hurt my feelings. I thought this piece would be a nice way to celebrate the Saints Super Bowl win :)

It's a diaper wipes case, but can be easily used as a clutch. My nieces use these as pencil/crayon/all of their junk holders :)

To enter to win you must be a follower of my blog:
Comment and tell me what you think about the design.
Is $30 to much?
How much would you spend?
What type of haute couture fashionista would rock this?
Anything else you want me to know.
Don't forget your email address!

Just in case you're not sure how it works... Each comment counts as an entry, so for example if you qualify for a bonus entry of 5 entries, you'd comment 5 seperate times that says you've subscribed via email... that will enter you five times... You'd do another 5 that says you have my button, and so on for how ever many entries you qualify for... :) Hope this helps :)

**Bonus Entries**

- Subscribe via email to my blog (5 entries!!!) Top left hand column

- Grab my button and let me know where to find it (5 Entries!!) top left under subscribe via email
- Follow me on facebook (2 entries)
- Join my facebook fan page (2 Entries) top left under grab my button
- Post about this contest and link back to me (10 Entries!)
- Enter this Contest into a Mr. Linky (10 Entries)
-Purchase anything from my store (20 Entries!!)

Giveaway Winner will be drawn on Feb 25th at 12 midnight!! Good Luck~!

Another Mardi Gras Tutu Dress

This little number is just too cute! My camera was a little off, so the pics didn't come out that well...

Monday, February 8, 2010

When you BELIEVE anything is possible!

What a breathtaking Sunset! The best part of this biz trip was getting to hang out w jim. We hardly ever have time just to be still and watch a movie, or have dinner w friends. We're almost out of FLA, and will be home and back to biz as usual so im gonna enjoy every last moment we have left on our drive back. See ya soon Prairieville :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Saints Win!!!! Omgsh!!

Im speechless! The NO Saints just WON the Super Bowl!

The day couldn't have been more beautiful! The sun was shining, a cool breeze blew outside, and we enjoyed a beautiful lake view from our friends media room! The stage was set for the Saints to make history!

Our friends Mike and Veronica Rumph hosted a party that would make any Who Dat proud! It was exciting to see how much love the Saints have from people of all different walks of life! To have die-hard Dolphins fans screaming for the Saints was amazing!

I'm so happy for all of the fans! My family and friends! This win will be enjoyed for years to come!

Back to the Who Dat state tomorrow!!!! Time to party like a rock star!!!!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 NFL Player Networking Event

Just a year ago Posh made her debut at this event, so it is indeed near and dear 2 my heart :)

I met some of the coolest people and even made new friends that are extra excited about Posh and want to help me bring it to the next level.

I feel really blessed! And super excited! The people who stopped by my booth really boosted my self esteem with kind words of praise about my work. Its a big deal to me to get sales at a networking event. I sold a few pieces and have a few new prospective clients for custom orders!

Jimmy was hard at work too. I didnt see much of him. He spent most of his time visiting with his colleagues, and new friends... :)

Thank god i wasnt caught on tape diving under the table for the last 2 Posh Cookies... (its a long story) lol... Angies Tasty Treats, and Utopian flavors were welcomed to rave reviews! Thanks soooo much to my girls, and dude for the Posh Goodies! They are both taking orders for any interested cookie monsters and praline cany slayers.

Angela Dimaggio

Stephanie/Glen Thompson,

Im soooooo ambitious!

Lots of Luv!

Me after a hard days Posh-ilizing at Superbowl

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