Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just shipped my last order of 2009! I have been extremly blessed this year. God has smiled on me with the best clients ever! This past year, I've experienced a truly charmed life of creating beautiful pieces for the most adorable kids :)

This time of year brings forth reflection of the past and dreams for tomorrow! I know that the time and energy I invest in my passion for Posh has caused me to sacrifice time for friends, family, events, and even my doggies. I can see, sense, and feel the manifestation happening. I will be normal again, sipping on martinis' shooting the breeze with my girls at a late afternoon lunch or Sunday brunch.

I love all of my family and friends who continue to love and support me! I means more than words can ever express.


Yours Truly....

Posh :)

Charger Pride

Another Bling Tee

These are extra popular :)

For my neighbor

Last week my little neighbor saved me by coming over to help out when my intern couldn't make it in. Its the smallest little things that make the biggest difference. I put some stones on her shoes for her. These are the best pics I have, but they look extra cute. BLING-A-LICIOUS!



Monday, December 28, 2009

These are YUMMY!

Custon Order Roxanne S.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Custom Orde for Naoshia C.

Wow! All I can say is bling bling! I have a new favorite! Posh Pink Zebra Sparkles and the Posh Sparkle Jeans are a hit! I've done 6 pair in the past 2 weeks! These things are SMOKIN' HOTTTTT!!!!! If only you could see them in person! Pictures really don't do any of these pieces justice :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! I feel soooo blessed!


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