Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Posh Flip Flop Party (Sale)

I'm sooo excited about my flip flop party! For months now, I've wanted to host a Posh event, but I can never get caught up in enough time to really produce enough products to host a viewing Party. So last weekend I decided to "Just Do It"! Set a date, and put it out there. Hopefully, I'll get a good turn out. More than anything I can't wait to get feeback on the flip flops and price.

I have over 50pair of flip flops in different colors and sizes. Each flip flop featured at the party will be original. No two pair will be alike. In addition all flip flops will be available at up to 25% off. I've done a few pair for myself and my nieces, but I've researched a few techniques and just ordered a bow template. The template should help me crank out bows quicker. I'll post back on that once I get it, hopefully before midweek.

I've already gotten some really sweet rhinestone buckle charms to add to the flops! I'll post a few pics as I complete a few pair :) I plan to get started today.. I only have a week until the event.

I've sent out evites
Face Book-vites
Printed flyers to hang on neighbors doors
Printed flyers to give-away
Sent bow-cards to print
Ordered more business cards

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Speaking of Happy Customers

Just wanted to touch on the subject I wrote about last night.  The client that I made the red, black, white themed set for  (which included those darling zebra posh sparkles)  called me last night after the baby shower she hosted.  She was super excited that the baby shower was nice and that her Posh Gift was a hit!  She mentioned that her girlfriend couldn't stop smiling and raved about all of her Posh Goodies :)  I melted!  I love to hear when Posh Gifts are given and the recipient immediately falls in love.  I guess its because I'm in love before it gets sent out... sometimes its hard for me to let got... lol Those items become my babies!

Posh Zebra Sparkles & Beanies that were included in the Set

Other items in the Set (drawstring dress, bibs, burp, and paci clip)

Anyways...  Just wanted to report the good news...  She also got a gift set a few weeks back for another friend of hers having twins.  She delivered the basket this past weekend to a very excited girlfriend who loved every drop of her Posh Basket!

Gift Set for the twins

O Yeah... I almost forgot!  I crossed a huge hurdle this past week.  It seems that I can never get an order done in one day.  So it's been my goal to complete an order as it comes in and have it ready to ship same day!  I'm so excited that I did that this week.  It wasn't a hugh order, so at least I know my boundaries.  I think I'm good with getting 4pieces done (no more than one personalized), if I get the order early morning and have it ready to ship by late afternoon.  

4piece Gift Set - Sent out same day! Yipee!!

My client was soooo glad that I could get her something last minute!  I was super gracious that she thought of Posh vs going to a local store.  All are happy in Posh Land!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Customers

I want to build Posh on consistent, quality customer service! I will always go above and beyond and hope that each client feels that I am attentive and exceed their expectations. Though we live in an age that "quality" customer service seems non-existent, I pride my self on providing the type of customer service that lets my customers know that I care.

I can't stand the rude cashier-who treats you like your getting on her last nerve.

I hate the manager that never listens to the customer and quickly sides with the rude cashier.

And I am easily agitated with excuses.

I was supposed to send out a headband to match the Birthday Girl set that I shipped before my trip. When you make a mistake you should own up to it, so I'm taking my own advice here. That headband should have been ready to go before I left, but I wasn't happy with what I had on hand and wanted to make something a little nicer for the birthday girl. I convinced myself that I had enough time to get it done when I got back. Realistically I figure I had enough time as long as it was out by Tuesday.. No big deal, def do-able. Well as I was loading pics on the blog, Sunday, I realized that the number 1 on daddy's shirt looked off center. My client did not mention anything being out of whack, but I noticed it and immediately planned a replacement shirt. Only I didn't have the shirt in stock! There went my get it out by Tuesday deadline! I did a rush order on the shirt. This time I ordered 2 just in case. The only good thing that came from this was, while I waited on the shirt I experimented with a bunch of different headband options for bday girl. I sent all of them along with a sincere apology to my client on Fri evening (yesterdday). The birthday party was today! Can you say astronomical shipping cost! Next day on a Saturday.. It killed me, but it was my own silly fault!

Even though she never mentioned the shirt, I did what I would have wanted had I been in her shoes. I'd rather have a happy customer than a profit any day. You can always make up for lost profits. You can never make up for a lost customer. So the lesson learned here is to always factor waste into pricing so that we can order a just in case item on custom orders and not get left eating the cost if the just in case is really needed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I missed the boat, while on the boat!

I can really kick myself. One of my girlfriends left me a message about flip flops going on sale at Old Navy for a dollar! Only I was gonna be on the anniversary cruise with hubby.. So i think to myself no biggie, I'll just catch it when I get back.. Now I'm not as insane as that last comment seems. Though I didn't expect to find much left after the sale, I had no idea the sale was only for one day! I'm screaming right now. This blog partially serves as a documentary, so hopefully I can look back a year from now and be reminded NOT to miss the $1 flip flop sale at Old Navy. You'd better believe that I'm already staking my claim on any flip flop in the store within a 50mile radius of me, (including online) lol... at season's end....

So most are probably wondering what the big deal is with wanting so many flip flops rt? Well, I plan to embellished them with bows, ribbions and of course sparkles :). I've done a few trial pair for the Posh Babies.. (Lauren, Tay, and Jeanie).

Now that summer is officially here, I'm determined to host a Posh Party. I just got the bright idea today to have a FLIP FLOP party before months end. So I'm setting my sights on 2weeks from tomorrow. I bought about 50 pair of flip flops from Old Navy today, and will make each pair unique.. "no two pair the same" I'm hoping that will help them sell.. I'm gonna host the party at la Masion de Williams.. :) and offer all flip-flops at a 50% discount! Crazy right... Well if my marketing strategy works, I'll make enough money to cover my expenses, build a catelog, put samples out, and hopefully build a client base.

I looked into wholesale flip flops, but most of them require minums and only come one size to a case.. Remember i'm a "small" business owner for now, so its imperative that i control cost. I hadn't found a quality style either other than cararis.. (hope i spelled that right). Only thing is they've discountinued the toddler flops with the band around the ankle.. So the search continues.. Until then OLD NAVY it is!

Other stuff I did this week...

First "bottle cap" bow design (its pictured attached to a braided headband)

First neck tie embellished onsie

First zebra design posh sparkles

I really feel like I've had a productive week... Now I just gotta start getting those flip flops cranked out :)

O..BTW Dorcas is heaven sent.. she's really helping to get me organized...


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