Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Customers

I want to build Posh on consistent, quality customer service! I will always go above and beyond and hope that each client feels that I am attentive and exceed their expectations. Though we live in an age that "quality" customer service seems non-existent, I pride my self on providing the type of customer service that lets my customers know that I care.

I can't stand the rude cashier-who treats you like your getting on her last nerve.

I hate the manager that never listens to the customer and quickly sides with the rude cashier.

And I am easily agitated with excuses.

I was supposed to send out a headband to match the Birthday Girl set that I shipped before my trip. When you make a mistake you should own up to it, so I'm taking my own advice here. That headband should have been ready to go before I left, but I wasn't happy with what I had on hand and wanted to make something a little nicer for the birthday girl. I convinced myself that I had enough time to get it done when I got back. Realistically I figure I had enough time as long as it was out by Tuesday.. No big deal, def do-able. Well as I was loading pics on the blog, Sunday, I realized that the number 1 on daddy's shirt looked off center. My client did not mention anything being out of whack, but I noticed it and immediately planned a replacement shirt. Only I didn't have the shirt in stock! There went my get it out by Tuesday deadline! I did a rush order on the shirt. This time I ordered 2 just in case. The only good thing that came from this was, while I waited on the shirt I experimented with a bunch of different headband options for bday girl. I sent all of them along with a sincere apology to my client on Fri evening (yesterdday). The birthday party was today! Can you say astronomical shipping cost! Next day on a Saturday.. It killed me, but it was my own silly fault!

Even though she never mentioned the shirt, I did what I would have wanted had I been in her shoes. I'd rather have a happy customer than a profit any day. You can always make up for lost profits. You can never make up for a lost customer. So the lesson learned here is to always factor waste into pricing so that we can order a just in case item on custom orders and not get left eating the cost if the just in case is really needed.


  1. hey girl..thanks for commenting on my blog. My email address got erased, so if you will email me I can give you some cute outdoor party ideas!

  2. Tischia Gordon ChinnFebruary 7, 2010 at 4:40 PM

    I truly enjoyed seeing your dreams come full circle. Your website and ideas are amazing. Keep it up,
    luv always Tischia



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