Sunday, June 7, 2009

Speaking of Happy Customers

Just wanted to touch on the subject I wrote about last night.  The client that I made the red, black, white themed set for  (which included those darling zebra posh sparkles)  called me last night after the baby shower she hosted.  She was super excited that the baby shower was nice and that her Posh Gift was a hit!  She mentioned that her girlfriend couldn't stop smiling and raved about all of her Posh Goodies :)  I melted!  I love to hear when Posh Gifts are given and the recipient immediately falls in love.  I guess its because I'm in love before it gets sent out... sometimes its hard for me to let got... lol Those items become my babies!

Posh Zebra Sparkles & Beanies that were included in the Set

Other items in the Set (drawstring dress, bibs, burp, and paci clip)

Anyways...  Just wanted to report the good news...  She also got a gift set a few weeks back for another friend of hers having twins.  She delivered the basket this past weekend to a very excited girlfriend who loved every drop of her Posh Basket!

Gift Set for the twins

O Yeah... I almost forgot!  I crossed a huge hurdle this past week.  It seems that I can never get an order done in one day.  So it's been my goal to complete an order as it comes in and have it ready to ship same day!  I'm so excited that I did that this week.  It wasn't a hugh order, so at least I know my boundaries.  I think I'm good with getting 4pieces done (no more than one personalized), if I get the order early morning and have it ready to ship by late afternoon.  

4piece Gift Set - Sent out same day! Yipee!!

My client was soooo glad that I could get her something last minute!  I was super gracious that she thought of Posh vs going to a local store.  All are happy in Posh Land!


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