Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Player Networking Event

All of the planning and hard work for this event was definitely worth it. Where do I start... I'm so excited as I type. I was very pleased with our display. I can't take credit for any of it, it was my husband's idea and he saw the whole thing through from the original design to set-up. Posh was very well received... I was complimented on all of our products.. it was hard for most to believe that everything is handcrafted by Yours Truly! :) Honestly, it was hard for me to believe myself looking back.. We put out over 100items to display. My favorites were the zebra stripe sparkle converse, and the reversible jersey style dress. I challenged myself just to see if I could do them, and I shocked myself with how easy they were to create. I was pleasantly surprised at how much people liked the drawstring dress in the team fabrics. The downside to this was that I didn't make the dresses to sell (NFL licensing issues), but only as a backdrop for the booth. Thank darling hubby for that idea. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of not being able to provide a product that was very well received. I'm doing my research, so I'm sure I'll figure something out. It was also a great networking opportunity, I met a couple that owns a maternity store in MS...hopefully we can do business together. On a side note, I met a lady who makes the best red velvet I've ever tasted.. next to my girl friend V's :) Her name is Leslie... check her out at The Hungry Housewife.

I walked away from Tampa with a few sales.. a few orders.. and most of all a huge confidence boost! It felt really good to know that people really liked my work. I'd like to thank my sister Tiffany, Nia, and my husband for helping me get ready for this event. And my wonderful girl friend Roxanna for getting me the info about it! I'm sure the near future is very bright for Posh!

Posh Baby Couture at the Player Networking Event, Super Bowl XLIII, Tampa FL

Custom Posh Tee’s & Onesies displayed along with bibs, wipes cases and a Posh favorite, Zebra themed Posh Sparkles.

Samples of personalized items on display at the Player Networking Event

It’s never to early to start making goodies for my future kids right :)

Posh “Paci’s”/Pacifier Clips ...functional yet stylish

Bath Time is a luxury when using minky wash cloths. The softest wash cloths you’ve ever touched.

This “Girls Love Football” onsie tank was a hit... If I’m ever blessed with a daughter, her father will probably make her live in one of these

This picture does not do justice to how adorable these dresses are. The denim/jersey style is reversible with removable bow snaps on the front tabs. The dresses featured in team fabrics were display items only. Everyone loved them, so I’m doing research on how I could possibly offer them in our product line. The dress can be worn as pictured or as a halter... Too cute!

The Posh Team! Pictured left to right... My sister Tiffany, Hubby Jimmy, and Yours Truly :) I can’t thank them enough, I wouldn’t have been able to pull this event off without them.

The backdrop to our display featured this year’s playoff teams.

Pictured with my better half :) BFF Jimmy :) I can’t believe I didn’t get a pic of my shoes... They were very sparkly to say the least! Jimmy’s shirt is courtesy of a really good friend who started a t-shirt line called Flip Mouth... Each shirt features a unique “flip mouth” saying... She created Jimmy’s shirt specifically to promote Posh. There’s now way I could ever get him to wear something that says Posh Baby Couture... His shirt said “take that child support check, and spend it at Posh Baby Couture”.. Hilarious! Check out her site

New friends we met at the networking event... Can you believe they helped us fluff tutus while they were waiting to setup their booth! They are the greatest for that. Check out their company GeneWize , they customize health and wellness products specifically for you based on your DNA! How cool is that? I can’t wait for my results...


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