Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Meagan

My sister just sent me this pic a few minutes ago. Meagan is wearing the John-John romper that I made for her a few months back (we live in the south.. it's still hott in Houston, lol). I called it the Meagan, because its the perfect combo of functional cuteness. The design is for a boys jumper, but I made it in pretty pink and green with streaming bows. Of course it's reversible. Can't you see that Meagan likes to play, which means getting dirty. No problem, auntie Chandra was one step ahead, we can just flip it to the other side, and perfecto!

I've said it 100times, that my nieces have served as muses and inspiration for many Posh designs. My sister has been a Posh fan before I had enough guts to even step out and make it happen :) She's always believed in me and would encourage me when I didn't think I had what it takes, was my first customer, and will let me put anything on her kids! She trust me that

I couldn't stop looking at this picture of my sweet little niece. It captures the essence of Posh Baby. She was just a little somebody when I started making Posh Couture dresses, burps, bibs, wipes cases... for her. She owned the first pair of Posh Noir Jolie Sparkle converse... A Posh favorite! She'll be two years old next month... boy how time flys. I ordered some things for her and her sisters and will be introducing new posh designs hopefully before the month is out!

I love, love, love my nieces. I don't get to see em often, but have poster sized pictures of them in my workspace as a constant reminder of why I do what I do, and how I got started.

I'll never forget those days in my tiny Houston condo, when their little eyes would light up as they paraded through Posh Land (my closet), trying on the tutus, and sparkle shoes! ... asking what's this auntie Chandra? Is this for me? I love your store auntie Chandra... OK, I'm getting emotional.... They were always just as excited as I was especially Lauren often sitting in my lap as I learned to sew pillowcase dresses for her. I'd let her touch the buttons, and the "rhime-stones. She loves BLING! That was only a year ago.

Boy how time flys.....

Posh :)


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