Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yipee for mypsohbabycouture on ETSY

Finally! I signed up for a shop nearly a year ago. Yesterday, I spent most of my day putting inventory items in my etsy store. What's etsy? Its sorta like ebay, but classy... at least that's how i define it. It's a marketplace of handmade items. I always get great ideas from the community there...

I'm so excited that I finally have stuff in the store. It's hard to be competitive there because I think most creative people don't really value their products the same as a business would. For now I'm gonna use it as a marketing strategy to become more visible to people outside of my family/friend circle. Up until now, that's been my client base. I'm finally ready to expand to the world of "people i don't know"... lol

We'll see how it goes... I'm putting all of the sample stuff that I made for Super Bowl and the flip flop party on sale on etsy and on my site. My goal from here on out is to post straight to etsy, mysite, and maybe a ebay store as soon as i'm finished with a project, whether its a custom order or a new product offering.

Look out www here we come!

Go POSH!!!!


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