Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As another day sets

I started this blog a few months back in an effort to have a dialog about all things "Posh". I begin writing as the day nears an end and my period of daily refection begins. Today, begins a new phase for me... I'd like to think of it as documentary Posh. LOL.. Yeah I know... :) I work so hard at creating things, that I sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy life's moments. There has been a recent series of events that has encouraged me to reflect on "why" I'm working so hard. Even though this blog is about Posh, I feel the need/urge to personalize it a bit.. So I'm making a commitment to try and jot something down via my blog daily. Today begins my journey of documenting my moments, whether they be "Posh" or "Personal"...

So here goes...

On May 7th, I had a tea date with a new friend that I'm sure will be a lifelong one. I'm such a nerd about certain things that are always on my list of things I want to do but never have anyone to do them with. Tea at the Ritz was def one of them. I had such a wonderful time chatting with Ms. Jolyn and her daughter-inlaw... We talked about Posh quite a bit and they both had great advice on things I can do to try and stay sane :) Of the things that I jotted down, I felt most urgent to fulfill these three:
  1. to journal about posh daily
  3. join facebook

I know these things sound really simple but for me they are a huge deal.. Mainly because I just don't have any extra time to spare.

Until today I had not begun journaling.. So I decided to start here.

Until today, I didn't have a HELPER (other than my dear.. sweetest husband in the world.. who would do anything I ask.. except cut fabric..lol) But now I do.. Her name is Dorcas and she's in charge of "Mission Organization" at Posh Headquarters.. The plus is that she has retail experience in inventory control! Boy I hit the JackPOT

Until yesterday, I didn't have a facebook page.. and even though I'm still officially ANTI-SOCIAL networking.. I must admit that I like the structure.. Still don't have time to message alot but the idea is to get all of my stuff on the page and try to keep my network of friends updated on all the stuff I'm doing without them having to visit my site.. I'm bringing Posh to "their house".. lol OK .. i know im rambeling

Until "Belle" went missing, I didn't understand the meaning of appreciating love while its around.. We are never guaranteed another day.. (BTW Belle was a Yorkie my husband found in our driveway... I still think she was an angel sent by God to make me slow down and remember to LOVE!)

A special thanks to Mrs. Jolyn for encouraging me to do this during our Tea date.. You'll never know how much your words meant.. I'm still working on my other "homework" assignments..

Tea at the Ritz with Mrs. Jolyn and her DL :)

To Belle.. wherever you are.. thanks for stopping by and gracing my home with your warmth
Belle, the night we found her

I'll end here saying, remember yesterday, enjoy today, and embrace tomorrow..

Jesus is Love :)


  1. Chandra,
    Love to see your excitement about your recent business progress! In a few months, you'll be so happy that you have a journal. If nothing else, to look back and laugh at your first few entries!
    I need to order 2 baby gifts, one for a boy and one for a girl. I saw that you have some items with pro football logos, the boys parents are big steelers fans, any suggestions. For the girl, I LOVE the tutu/bloomer combo!
    Could you email me some pics of any suggestions you might have?
    Elizabeth Egle (elizabethegle@gmail.com)

  2. My dear new friend, You are amazing. I learned a great deal about you during our special tea at the Ritz, but what stands is that great passion you have for Posh and the pride that goes into every piece that you create. The postive energy and excitment that you have for Posh is what will lead you to continued success. Until we have tea again, I love you!
    Miss Jolyn



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