Saturday, January 10, 2009

Posh TuTu's


A Posh favorite, the apple green tutu with ribbon wrapped waistband is a darling accessory for any posh princess.  Making a tutu is easy as 1-2-3.  

To make the perfect Poofy Tutu (style pictured), you'll need the following supplies.  

75-100 yards of tulle. (Don't freak out... they come in 6'in rolls of 25yrds at your local craft store.. ie. Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

1/4in non roll elastic

needle and thread

  • First measure the waist line of your Posh Princess as well as the length you'd like the tutu to finish (usually 6-8in poofy style)
  • Cut elastic about 1in shorter than the measured waistline
  • Sew ends with needle and thread
  • Cut strips of tulle double the length the finished tutu will be plus an additional 2inches(14in strips would be cut for a 6in tutu... 6x2=12 +2=14 :)
  • Tie two strips at at time onto the elastic...double knot (Hint: use your index finger as a buffer between the elastic and the knot to ensure you don't tie too tight.... each not should be able to slide along the elastic, if not you're end product will be a nightmare.. trust me)
  • Continue to tie until elastic is completely full or all of the tulle is used, which ever comes first
Let us do the work for you... visit our site to purchase a hand tied Posh Tutu  or contact us to schedule a Posh Tutu party for your Posh Princess and friends to make their own tutu's.


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